Drum driers

Dryers are designed for dry bulk materials such as sand, grit, meal, bentonit and others. Dryers manufactured by us are made in various sizes and capacities to suit your needs. We offer both single- and double-circulating driers so we can obtain a different product temperature at the outlet of the dryer. The drying medium is hot air or a mixture of air and flue gas resulting from combustion of fuel oil or natural gas / propane-butane. The offered dryers can be built in the existing system or design a system from scratch.
We make them in three versions, allowing for acquiring the dried product in three temperature ranges:

  • from 100º C to 110º C,

  • from 80º C to 90º C,

  • from 55º C to 65º C.

We make them in sizes and with outputs adjusted to the Customer’s needs.